ApECOR has developed DC/DC converter technology for high voltage applications. The converter topology is implemented as a modular system, allowing for multiple gain ratios from the same converter. The converter can boost 30 VDC to 6 kV at an average power of 250 W. For capacitor charging applications, such as pulsed-power equipment, it is critical that the converter is capable of efficiently delivering power over the full voltage range from 0 V to 6 kV. Apecor's high-voltage DC/DC converter technology is capable at operating at over 93% efficiency.

High Efficiency

Our converter features fully soft-switching high frequency switching operation, yielding significantly higher efficiency than typical approaches. Also, the soft switching operation reduces the effects of the parasitic elements of the converter, significantly reducing EMI.

High Power-Density

The converter topology allows for easy configuration to produce variable peak output voltages. The 200 W converter is capable of producing maximum voltages of 1.5 kV, 3 kV, or 6 kV with minimal configuration. The converter is designed for high power-density, minimizing the physical impact on the system, while delivering a high amount of power with high efficiency.

Low Cost Design

The converter features low cost power and control components, as well as a minimal assembly cost. In-system design is simplified with the use of the optional output voltage trimming resistor. By changing the output voltage trim resistor, the output voltage can be reduced from the maximum rated voltage linearly, allowing the converter to be used with a wide range of applications.


Input Voltage: 15V - 40V

Configurable Output Voltage:
1.5 kV, 3 kV, 6 kV

Max. Power: 250 W

Max. Efficiency: > 93%
Avg. Efficiency: > 90%

Power Density: > 2kW/L

Control Interface: Enable pin, output voltage trimming (optional)

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