ApECOR is now offering complete kits that are built around the X-90 Solar V3 power manager! All kits include solar panel(s), a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and are packaged in premium Pelican cases with custom fit foam. Additionally, various X-90 accessories have been selected in order to meet various mission profiles. The "Mobility Kit" is a wearable solution which utilizes a new 1/2 sized BB-2590 with enough energy to power a PRC-148/152 for 3 times longer than the standard radio battery. The "Scout Kits" are intended for those with higher energy usage and storage requirements. And the "Comms Kit" features an extensive array of accessories for powering communications equipment and other electronics, plus double the solar generation to allow 24/7 UPS operation. Completely custom kit solutions are available as well, just contact ApECOR with your inquiry. The table below shows an overview and comparison of the currently available pre-selected kits.

X-90 Scout Kit Bravo
Mobility Kit Scout Kit Bravo Scout Kit Alpha Comms Kit Alpha
MSRP (Standard Kit) $3,361.02 $4,006.03 $4,601.07 $6,393.50
MSRP (Premium Kit) $3,522.72 $4,256.03 $4,851.07 $6,833.59
Number of Items in Kit 13 15 17 27
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 16.88" x 13.23" x 4.77" 16.88" x 13.23" x 4.77" 19.87" x 13.93" x 4.68" 19.78" x 15.77" x 7.41"
Weight 10.5 Lbs 13.4 Lbs 15.2 Lbs TBD
AP13 - X-90 Solar V3 - AUX x x x x
AP13001 - XX90 Scavenger Cable x x x x
AP13002 - BA-5590 28V Emulator Cable       x
AP13003 - 12V to 28V Boost Regulator       x
AP13004 - AUX Power Y-Cable x x x x
AP13005 - AUX Power 4-Way Cable       x
AP13006 - Universal AC/DC Converter - 150W       x
AP13007 - PRC-148/152 Battery Eliminator x x x x
AP13008 - Rugged 2.1A USB Charger x x x x
AP13009 - RCR123A Battery Charger + 6 Batteries x x x x
AP13017 - 12V Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable       x
AP13018 - 12V Barrel Plug Cable -1.4mm or -2.5mm       x (both sizes)
AP13019 - NATO Input Cable     x x
AP13020 - Ruggedized AA/AAA Charger (MAHA Ruggedized)   x x x
AP13023 - Stubby 1-into-2 SAE Y Cable x x x  
AP13024 - 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket   x x x
AP13025 - SAE to CLA Socket and SAE Y Cable       x
AP13027 - SAE Extension Cable, -24", -36", or -8' 1x 24", 1x 36" 1x 24", 1x 36" 1x 24", 1x 36" 2x 24", 1x 36"
AP13028 - High Rate USB Charging Plug - Micro USB B -9", -12", or -18"       x (12")
AP13029 - PRC-148/152 (MBITR) Battery Charging Smart Cable     x x
AP13032 - 4-Foot Y-Cable       x
AP13038 - X-90 Pouch Slick x x    
AP13039 - X-90 Pouch Deluxe     x  
AP13040 - Small Pelican 1470 Kit x x    
AP13041 - Medium Pelican 1490 Kit     x  
AP13042 - Large Pelican 1520 Kit       x
AP13043 - 30W Foldable Solar Panel x (Standard Kit)      
AP13044 - 62W Foldable Solar Panel   x (Standard Kit) x (Standard Kit) 2x (Standard Kit)
AP13046 - 40W High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel x (Premium Kit)      
AP13047 - 80W High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel   x (Premium Kit) x (Premium Kit) 2x (Premium Kit)
AP13048 - BB-2590   x (Standard Kit) x (Standard Kit) x (Standard Kit)
AP13049 - BB-2590 High-Capacity   x (Premium Kit) x (Premium Kit) x (Premium Kit)
AP13050 - 1/2 BB-2590 x      

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