ApECOR has access to general and advanced power electronics research equipment through its long term relationship with UCF. This equipment includes DC sources and loads, AC sources (single and 3-phase), AC loads, Digital sampling oscilloscopes, Digital multimeters, Function generators, Frequency analyzers and Power analyzers. Furthermore we can measure inductance, capacitance and resistance down to milli-ohm values.

The main testing and prototyping services we can provide on a small quantity basis are shown in the following paragraphs.

High-Power Testing

Our high-power testing capabilities and expertise range up to 700V @ 200kW. Related capabilities are:

Testing of Solar-powered Electronics

Battery Testing

Environmental Testing


We are able to make prototype PCBs quickly and inexpensive using our PCB milling machine. Ideal for testing experimental circuits. In addition, we have the proper soldering and reworking equipment for SMD components as well as high power soldering irons for big components and wires.

Light Machine Shop

We can help you with common mechanical tasks such as making simple metal enclosures or producing custom bus bar setups in low quantities.

Please contact ApECOR to discuss your custom requirements for testing of your power electronics systems.
This is a no-obligation service, whereby ApECOR's engineers can assess your proposed specifications and give a price quotation.

Advanced Power Electronics Corporation

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