ApECOR's team has great experience in pursuing state-of-the-art technologies and market trends as well as designs and products. We have successfully completed several R&D projects involving government agencies and private companies.

Moreover, ApECOR has developed a strong partnership with the University of Central Florida (UCF). This partnership is solidified through joint R&D projects with the UCF Power Electronics Lab (FloridaPEC). The staff at FloridaPEC includes outstanding power electronics researchers that have extensive experience in developing power electronics systems.

Please contact ApECOR to discuss your R&D needs and ideas.
This is a no-obligation service, whereby ApECOR's team can assess your requirements and assure your fulfillment.

Advanced Power Electronics Corporation

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A 30V to 6000V converter for capacitor charging applications
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Available X-90 Solar Kits
A portable solar battery charger for military applications (X-90 Solar)
Available Accessories for the X-90 Solar
A portable solar battery charger for MA-4025 Batteries
A universal 12V to 28V DC/DC Boost Converter
A Rugged 1kW (1.75kW Surge) 120VAC Uninterruptable Power Supply
Rugged MPPT Solar Energy Harvester
A high-power, bidirectional DC/DC converter for hybrid-electric vehicle applications
An Active Controlled Cooling System
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