Several PC interfaces to measurement instruments (GPIB/RS232) and power electronics converters (USB/RS232) were developed at ApECOR to help in the development and evaluation of power electronics systems. Examples are shown below.

SAS Interface
SAS Interface

Solar Array Simulator Interface

  • GPIB connection to Agilent solar array simulator (SAS)
  • The following solar array parameters can be configured:
    Open circuit voltage (Voc), maximum power voltage (Vmp), short circuit current (Isc), maximum power current (Imp)
  • Display of I/V and P/V curve as well as the current operating point on both curves
  • Preview of I/V and P/V curve is shown if any of the 4 parameters is changed
  • Macro mode: Records and plays a series of operating conditions; interval, transition time and step size is adjustable
  • Data logging and plotting: All 4 parameters and the operating points can be logged and displayed over time
  • Table mode of SAS: Program non-ideal SAS curves

Battery Test Interface
Battery Test Interface

Battery Testing Interface

  • GPIB connection to Hameg HM8142 power supply and Agilent 34401A digital multimeters
  • Great for testing different battery charge algorithms, especially if source power is variable such as solar or wind power and Nickel-based batteries need to be charged accurately
  • 2 Channels: Run and compare tests for 2 batteries simultaneously
  • Maximum ratings per channel: 0..30V/0..1A; voltage or currents limits can be set anywhere within the ranges
  • Measurement of voltage, current and temperature (if battery equipped with sensor)
  • Main configuration options: Charge time, relax time, charge current, measurement interval
  • Lots of advanced options: Variable charge times and currents (specify min. / max. value and step size), generation of random charge currents
  • Parallel or series configuration of the 2 channels to allow higher currents or voltages for one battery
  • Data is saved automatically and can be reopened and plotted for later evaluation

Efficiency Measurement Interface
Efficiency Measurement Interface

Efficiency Measurement Automation

  • GPIB connection to 4 Agilent 34401A digital multimeters
  • Easily test efficiency of your power electronics converters
  • Measures input/output voltage/current with an adjustable interval
  • Displays voltages, currents, calculated powers and efficiency in real-time
  • Data recording and saving to a file with a click of a button
  • Any recorded data can be plotted versus output power
  • Recorded data can be reopened and plotted for later review
  • Warning levels can be specified; if reached, interface will show a red background of respective value and multimeter will beep
  • Current measurements require accurate current sense resistors, scale and offset can be input in interface

Converter Interface
Converter Interface

Power Electronics Converter Interfaces

  • USB/RS232 connection to DSP of power electronics converter
  • Controls the operation of the converter and read ADC measurements from the DSP
  • Main controls are: Turn converter on & off, set voltage and/or current limits in closed loop, set duty cycle in open loop
  • Advanced controls: Change controller type and gains, switching frequency
  • Measurements: Reads the ADC values from the DSP and displays the data in a table
  • Calibrate the interface with the specific hardware connected: Enables correct display and set points for voltages and currents
  • Data logging and plotting over time
  • Automatic storage: Data log can be opened and plotted for later evaluation

General requirements to connect to instruments are: General requirements to connect to power electronics converters are:

Please contact ApECOR to discuss your custom interfacing requirements.
This is a no-obligation service, whereby ApECOR's engineers can assess your proposed specifications and give a price quotation.

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